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Men's World Radio reviews podcasts from the whole world from all the genres.

You more than likely fall into one of two opinions: You love podcasts and listen to one every day on the train or while swearing at the traffic while on your cycle to work while on your earbuds. (Not recommended!


If you hate podcasts... why is that? You probably have not listened to the right ones...  

Even if you fall in the latter side, there's no arguing that podcasts are here to stay. Various forms of podcasts are listened to by about 90 million people monthly and more than 50 per cent of the U.S. population age 12 and up, according to the latest research.

With this amount of podcasts available, it takes a lot of time to listen and make an opinion.


Men's World Radio filters out the podcasts that just don't make the grade so you can spend your precious time on things that really matter...


Like listening.! Enjoy! :-)


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