15 Minutes Well Spent with Flav & Windy

How long does it take to make a brew and have a break? Well if you have only 15 mins break grab a cuppa and listen to this great short and sweet podcast by Flav & Windy...

We love this podcast... but sometimes hate the timer... Just when you are gettinging into the subject off goes the timer!

Here is the Quote from the acast website.

15 MINUTES (WITH FLAV AND WINDY) by Flav and Windy

There are 15 minutes on the clock and a chosen subject. Flav and Windy discuss that subject until the timer sounds. Wherever they are at in the conversation at that point, it ends. Sometimes it's just getting good. Sorry about that. Sometimes it goes off-track. Sorry about that too.

Flav @Flav_Bateman - Flav is a full-time podcaster and broadcaster who hosts The Fighting Cock (Tottenham Hotspur Podcast), No Holds Barred and The James & Flav...For Now Podcast.

Windy - @WindyCOYS - Windy is the host of The Extra Inch (Tottenham Hotspur Podcast).

They have been friends for a decade but have led very different lives.

15 Minutes was created by Flav and Windy. Theme by Alexander Canwell (@lexandercanwell). You might know him as Engineer Al, or Flav's little brother.

Produced by Flav and Alexander Canwell.

Artwork by Mike Smith (https://mikesmithdesign.co.uk/).

Contact us at 15minutes@15minutespod.com.

#15Minutes #15MinutesWithFlavAndWindy

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