Best UK Podcasts of 2020 According to Men's World Radio

2020 has been a great year for UK Podcasts despite the year's devastating problems. Podcasts have been around for 20 years or so, and it's only in the last five years or so that they got going. You may say that we're in the middle of the booming age of UK podcasts, especially if you're the type of person always who wants all their podcast culture categorised into neat, organised genres.

But UK podcasts, in particular, themselves seem to be one of a kind. There are good UK podcasts, bad podcast and downright terrible UK podcasts. You might need some like David Attenborough to show you the way to stop you wasting time wandering down dead ends. Trial and error.... Listening for a few minutes and making your mind up. So to that end, Men's World Radio has picked the best new podcasts that have arrived in 2020 in our opinion, as well as our highlighting from long-running UK podcast favourites. We've even organised them into neat little categories for you too, how about that!

Where are the Best UK comedy podcasts of 2020? You might be saying well we have teamed up with and created our lists. The links are on this page...

The Best UK Crime Podcasts of 2020 are there too... They're in their spin-off lists: this one's the comedy one, and the true-crime one is here.

We've taken out the best of the BBC's podcasts into a separate list too because there are absolutely loads. The BBC does have an unfair advantage, so we try to highlight the best o the independent UK podcasts.

What's the absolutely the best way to pass the time on your commute into the place of work? Your favourite music album? A decent paperback? Or perhaps he latest edition of Football Manager? Well, Think again. Podcasts are here to stay!

These days, it's all about the (UK preferably) podcast. Podcasting, or real ale as I often call it, is no longer just for the of bearded white males in their thirties (although those guys are still around, and a lot of them do make some excellent podcasting content, to be fair).

In 2020, there are almost as many podcasts as there are those who can purchase the needed equipment speak into a microphone, and they can make you smile, make you angry or make you fall asleep (sometimes deliberately). With such a vast amount of episodes on offer, here's the Men's World Radio edit of the Best UK podcasts of 2020.

A Selection of the Best UK Podcasts of 2020

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Never before has the UK needed more reasons to be happy and cheerful, which is precisely why the excellent Ed Miliband’s podcast with Geoff Lloyd has provided somewhere to escape to for many since it was first broadcast in 2020. The pair have based their UK Podcast on banter and a and a type of chemistry that makes the podcast instantly cheerful, but don’t think that means that they won’t cover heavy political topics. Each week, they invite guests on to discuss the worlds biggest problems – for example, guests include Alastair Campbell talking about mental health and Naomi Klein on the effects on climate change. Their take on things is not to get too depressed; they try successfully, in my opinion, to offer up alternative solutions that could, one day, make all of our lives better. It’s a ray of hope that is a pleasant change in your headphones.

Reasons To Be Cheerful One of the Best UK Podcasts of 2020


Yes, we know this is not UK Podcast... But Popcast covers many UK artists that is why Men's World Radio has included it our Best UK Podcasts of 2020.

Are you one like who likes to analyse and go through every new music release from pop, Indie Country in detail? Then the Popcast podcast published by the New York Times will be right something you should listen to. It is called Popcast.

Put together by paper's head critic, Jon Caramanica.

The episodes feature an in-depth chat about various events in popular music culture, from tracks that turn into dad-rock classics from artists like Taylor Swift to the picky gospel music industry's extreme reaction to Kanye West's Jesus Is King.

Along with various members from the NYT music team, including the podcast editor Caryn Ganz, music reporter Joe Coscarelli and another fellow critic Jon Pareles, Caramanica attempts to answer some of the more interesting questions asked by today's music lovers, such as what use is any album cover in this era of Spotify and Apple music? And how does Post Malone sound like he does?

But absolutely the best of all in our opinion is the slightly more off-track reviews, which allow Caramanica and company to explore their particular interests. Such as the epic Ashlee Simpson two-parter and the emergency Pusha T versus Drake beef episode, which dissected the diss tracks the two rappers released shortly after Pusha's dropped one fateful evening in 2018. Popcast is one of the best UK Podcasts of 2020.

Off Menu of of the Best UK Podcasts of 2020

James Acaster and Ed Gamble’s Off Menu can be compared with BBC's Desert Island Discs for food, where guests pick up to four courses plus a drink of their choice to put together their ideal meal.

Naturally, guests have included, comedians (Katherine Ryan, Dara O’Briain, Armando Iannucci) and actual, real-life foodies such as (Jay Rayner, Tom Kerridge, Grace Dent). You would be surprised how many guests have very strange food phobias, so don’t get upset if your hero, if they happen to love, say, Swedish fermented fish, (Liars) but you hate it. Off Menu is definitely one of Men's World Radios Best UK Podcasts of 2020.

More of the Best UK Podcasts of 2020 coming soon.

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