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NOT TODAY, THANK YOU by Swanburst Media

Quote from Acast Website

Jake Yapp, as seen and heard on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, Radio 4 and 6Music, presents a daily digest of the news with sketches and music made super-early and super-fresh each morning by 8.30am. The podcast is family-friendly, but doesn’t hold back on targets - from the people in the news to best and worst of TV, radio, music and film. If you can’t face Today - have a break with us. @NotTodayPod on the twitters.

When I first stumbled across Jake Yapp on the Acast Website, the name stuck as it reminded me of a Norwegian Bar of chocolate made by Freia, called Japp. I'm not sure what came first the Mars Bar or the Japp... Maybe this is one for Jake Yapp to investigate.

Well I couldn't wait... the Mars Bar was invented in 1932 and the copy Freia Japp somewhat later!

OK... Back to Jake Yapp... Jake is a

satirist, comedian, writer and musician and a very funny one at that.

I listened to some of his podcasts and found them intelligent and sometimes somewhat sad... Re the podcast where Jake has accidently deleted an episode, he was genuinely down about it and Jake had the guts to talk about it to his podcast listeners.

Jake Yapps daily podcast will hopefully will be part of the new Men's World Radio schedule, once he gives us permission to broadcast it. in the mean time check out his website, links at the bottom of the page.

14/11/2020 Update Jake has kindly agreed to allow his podcast to be rebroadcast... So not Today Thank You will be scheduled every weekday on men's World Radio.

Which is the copy?

Jake Yapp attempts to condense pretty much every Christmas pop song down into one excruciating tune. Taken from BBC Radio 4's The Now Show, 14th December 2017.


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